The ALAR Auto-Vac® C-Series filter has in the concrete industry. It is the only self-cleaning filter (non-clogging) on the market that filters cement fines and pigment color out of concrete process (gray) water, yielding clear recyclable water and dry manageable solids.

The Auto-Vac® filter uses vacuum technology. A rotating drum is pre-coated with a filter media called diatomaceous earth (or “D.E.”). This pre-coat process takes 10–20 minutes.After the pre-coat is complete, cement fines are pumped into the pan where the drum is rotating in. The vacuum pulls the clean water through the drum and traps solids larger than ½ micron on the “D.E.” surface.After the surface of the drum is blinded, a variable speed blade advances and removes the solids from the drum surface, leaving a clean layer of filter media.

The clean water is pumped to a non-potable water tank for reuse.

The solids measure 50% dry (the consistency of damp sand).

The Auto-Vac® comes in 16 sizes to accommodate virtually any volume.

For more information visit The website has several case studies on water treatment in concrete plants.

The Auto-Vac® is the mechanical alternative to conventional weir systems and dredging operations used by precast and ready mix producers dealing with high return rates, color, and high strength concrete.

Excellent for Concrete Operations Including but Not Limited To:

  • Ready Mixed
  • Precast
  • Color / Iron Oxide Pigments
  • Sawing / Grinding / Grooving / Polishing / Drilling
  • Roofing & Concrete Tile