Eye Trax’s remote-monitoring security cameras incorporate solar technology with cellular communication, enabling customers to monitor remote construction sites or equipment yards anywhere cellular service is available without the costly expense of trying to provide power and an internet connection to those areas. “The need for remote security monitoring on construction sites is greater than ever, yet many contractors continue to struggle with finding the right method or equipment to successfully protect their investments,” says Jerry McSorley, president, Eye Trax.

The cameras use the available cellular network in order to transmit pictures, eliminating the need for the infrastructure of a computer, phone line, internet connection, router, and power which is required for the traditional wireless cameras. Eye Trax wireless, solar-powered construction cameras make remote area surveillance an inexpensive reality.

According to McSorley, most construction cameras on the market today are either modified hunting cameras or high-end, time-lapse video cameras that don’t offer motion-sensing technology. Eye Trax’s cellular-based construction camera is indefinitely powered by a solar panel, triggered by motion, night-vision capabilities, and controlled by a web-based User Interface or Mobile Phone App. These features, and all the traditional features of a time-lapse video camera, are incorporated into the design.

Eye Trax’s solar-powered wireless motion activated camera system utilizes an integrated passive infrared sensor that measure changes in thermal activity in the camera viewing area. A passive infrared sensor (PIR) creates an invisible thermal grid in front of the construction camera viewing area. Once this thermal grid is disturbed with an introduction of a new thermal profile, the construction camera will trigger and in less than half of a second and start taking pictures. “Typically a human, vehicle or large animal will cause the motion activated camera to trigger,” says McSorley. “This process of triggering the motion detection camera is considered an ‘event.’” All events captured by the motion-activated construction camera are time and location stamped and then immediately sent over the secure cellular network to the Eye Trax cloud based servers with a location, time and date located on the pictures. Eye Trax’s construction camera system offers an option to receive event notifications on any mobile phone via SMS message or email. The SMS pictures or email from the construction camera can be received 24/7.

The Eye Trax construction camera is powered by a very small, lightweight solar panel (14 in x 14 in) — it only requires 12V in order to operate. An internal battery, located inside the aluminum housing of the system, will allow the camera to operate for a full five days in the event of inclement weather. The camera is optimized to provide a 90-degree field of view and is designed with two lenses: One for daytime color pictures and the other for black and white nighttime pictures. The camera lenses are surrounded by 55 infrared lamps that will illuminate an area up to 75-ft away from the camera face. The unit can operate in a temperature range of -10°F to 140°F.

The mounting bracket for the Eye Trax unit is fully orbital and can be attached to any surface. The operator can choose from using zip ties to stainless steel screws to mount the unit.

This mounting option is available for quick installation and removal without digging a hole or hiring a 3rd party. When the Eye Trax’s barrel mounting pole system weighs only 25 lb when it is empty, which means anyone can pick it up and easily move it to a different location. When it is filled with water, it weighs nearly 500 lb, making it difficult to be moved or disturbed by inclement weather. The Barrel Mounting Pole system can be filled with water through the top of the barrel with a garden hose and emptied out through the bottom through the spigot. This application is used on construction sites where a construction camera is needed in one location for a temporary basis.

Eye Trax’s new patent-pending Barrel Mounting Pole will be on display for the first time at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2014.The company’s exhibit will be at Platinum Lot, Booth 8502, of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

For more information about Eye Trax products, visit http://www.eyetrax.com.