Noise pollution has become a significant issue in communities across the nation. Naturally, it follows that more money than ever is being spent on decorative concrete soundwalls to play a greater role in noise abatement near airports, commercial developments, and in residential neighborhoods.

Concrete formliners are the perfect tool for producing creative and artistic concrete walls of all sorts. Below is a brief sampling of formliner-related products. Circle the number on the reader service card for more information.

Concrete walls that look like rock

The concrete wall system by Custom Rock is built with formliners molded from natural rock faces. It is durable and environmentally friendly. The formliners provide a wide range of natural patterns and textures as a cost-effective, easy-to-attach, lightweight alternative to using natural stone. The system can be used to build poured-in-place, precast, or tilt-up walls typically used for bridges, retaining walls, soundwalls, and water control. Custom Rock Formliner. 800-637-2447. 16.

Custom formliner molds

Using its CNC router, these formliner molds duplicate any image precisely and efficiently while also being able to create custom designs to meet complex liner specifications. The router can be used on a variety of materials, including wood, hardened urethane, and Styrofoam. Concrete Accessories by Dayton Superior. 800-745-3700. 17. WOC Booth #C4281

Custom formliners

Flex-Liners are flexible and durable formliners made of elastomeric urethane. They are ideal for producing detail in customized or standard multiple forming applications. Used for precast and poured-in-place forming systems, you can manufacture any size, shape, and pattern. Patterns are available in stone, fractured, wood, flute, low-profile, and block categories. Scott System Inc. 303-373-2500. 18.

Cast-in-place wall system

The Stone-Crete reenforceable structural wall system duplicates the look of hand-laid stone. The cast-in-place wall system is versatile, durable, and strong enough to be used as retaining walls, foundation walls, bridge abutments, and dams. It's available in more than a dozen patterns at a fraction of the installation time and cost of natural stone. Increte Systems Inc. 800-752-4626. 19. WOC Booth #C4381

Custom form panels

Dura-Pour architectural form panels are custom-made and feature a chemically inert polyethylene face, which is resistant to moisture and chemicals. As they create concrete finishes that replicate the appearance of polished stone, travertine, or glass, use them for cast-in-place or tilt-up projects. The panels improve control of surface density, finish, texture, and color of formed walls and columns. Sylvan Industries. 800-842-1990. 20.