Speaker presentations and videos
Donn C. Thompson, Portland Cement Association
Jim Lewis Precast Company
John Porterfield, Porter Block
Brad Nesset, Thermal Mass

2009 WoC GREENSITE Exhibitors

The GreenSite Luncheon was not the only place to find sustainability experts. Throughout the show, the industry's greenest minds spoke in the GREENSITE exhibit area in the convention center's South Hall.

Sustainable Precast Systems

Jim Lewis, Director of Architectural Systems, Gate Precast Co.

Precast concrete, thin-brick insulated wall panel systems can provide advantages for sustainable construction. Thin brick uses less material and creates less waste than regular masonry, and precast wall systems utilize the thermal mass of concrete to conserve heating and cooling energy. www.gateprecast.com

Greening of Concrete: How to Become the Greenest Building Material in the World

Kristin Cooper Carter, Director of Sustainability, Calera Corp.

Calera is making a new cement with a process that captures carbon dioxide. The goal is to reduce the level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and to ultimately reduce or reverse global warming. www.calera.biz

Cool Communities: Concrete and the LEED Heat Island Credit

Donn C. Thompson, Manager of Building Technology and Sustainable Codes, Portland Cement Association

White and light-colored concrete can mitigate the urban heat island effect by reflecting heat away, instead of it being absorbed by dark pavements and buildings. www.cement.org

How to Achieve Your Sustainable Goals Using Precast Concrete

Brian Miller, Managing Director, Business Development, Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute

Concrete, and particularly precast concrete, can help create sustainable buildings that meet LEED criteria, such as using local materials, use of an inert material, and thermal mass. www.pci.org

Yiftahel 8000 B.C. - The World's Oldest Concrete Floors

Howard Kanare, Senior Principal Scientist, CTLGroup