WITH GREEN BUILDING codes and measurements becoming more mainstream, sustainability has become more than a buzzword in the concrete industry. Whether it's behind-the-scenes production methods or consulting at the jobsite, contractors and specifiers expect producers to provide the expertise and resources that make concrete a sustainable solution.

Many producers have benefited from making sustainability a key part of their business. Cemex recently launched its Ecoperating brand, which will indicate sustainable aspects of its products and services, such as thermal insulation, use of recycled raw materials, and reduced CO2 footprint. “The Ecoperating seal will help our clients identify Cemex's initiative to foster its sustainable development through the building solutions [we provide],” says Vicente Saisó, Cemex's sustainability director.

While the global producer has the resources to offer solutions such as concrete pavements with smart LED lighting and initiatives to build affordable housing, there are simple ways to boost environmental responsiblity. Producers of any size can incorporate paperless invoicing, alternative fuels, or low-carbon admixtures into their operations. (For more on reduced-carbon cement alternatives, see the Beyond Green column.)

Following are products and services that can help producers meet customers' green construction needs.