The NexTraq® Fleet Tracking solution provides commercial concrete, masonry construction and other concrete businesses with the tools necessary to improve the overall efficiency of their business operations and achieve measurable results. With this easy-to-use solution, contractors have access to key data associated with everything from vehicle and equipment location and activity to employee performance and productivity levels. The NexTraq solution comes equipped with a variety of features tailored specifically for contractors and others in the concrete industry. Many recent innovations to the NexTraq solution were designed to help concrete businesses improve their day-to-day processes, allowing for increased revenue and decreased costs. With the NexTraq Connect™ mobile app for smartphones and tablets, contractors can stay connected to their field employees no matter where they are.

The app allows employees to record start times, break times and end work times from their mobile devices. Contractors can also set up alerts to notify them instantly if employees clock in early or late. This helps to accurately monitor and keep track of payroll costs. Additionally, NexTraq Connect allows field employees to view detailed job information from their mobile devices so they can work more efficiently. Employees can also use the app to automatically assign themselves to vehicles, report vehicle problems and maintenance issues and update odometer readings. This helps to ensure issues are resolved quickly and the workday runs smoothly. NexTraq also offers job scheduling, route optimization and dispatching for contractors, producers and distributors. The NexTraq Job Schedule Board allows for the viewing and assigning of jobs to employees – all on one screen. With ClearPath routing, field employees can access the most direct routes to job sites. The NexTraq Fleet Dispatch application works with a Garmin® device or the NexTraq Connect mobile app to provide employees with voice-guided, turn-by-turn directions and ensure driver safety.

The NexTraq Solution also comes equipped with more than 40 automated reports. The Turn Report is ideal for companies that need to know how long a vehicle is at a particular job site. The report displays vehicle arrival and departure times as well as information on what happened while there. This provides management with data regarding employee performance and productivity on a job site when supervision is limited. Additionally, with NexTraq’s Asset Tracking Line, contractors can monitor their equipment in any environment. These devices help to determine utilization based on engine hours as well as track equipment if lost or stolen. If equipment is moved from a designated location, built-in-motion sensors within the hardware will trigger an immediate alert. This helps to pinpoint and stop unauthorized equipment use. The NexTraq solution also offers PTO (Power Take Off) sensors to view the usage of pumps, mixers and other auxiliary power sources. PTO Sensor Alerts and Reports allow users to measure PTO usage and run reports showing time, location and duration of when a PTO mechanism is in use.