The Unsung hero of our fleet

When you need a pump with broad shoulders to do the heavy lifting on a project, the SPTO 4000 is a great choice. Set it up on a high rise feeding a placing boom or a tunnel job where distance pumping is needed. You can confidently challenge it with some high volume pumping on foundations or heavy civil projects too. It fits where no boom pump does and handles concrete mixes with up to 2.5-inch aggregate for high utilization. The 2023H-6 120/80 MPS pump kit features the M-Rock Valve with axial bearing shifts with less friction in high pressure pumping situations. The single axle 365 hp Mack Granite pairs well with this pump because of its rugged simplicity and value. With 182 cubic yards per hour output and 1233 psi on the concrete, you will find a lot of uses for this pump, including everyday line pours that are easier to serve with this truck-mounted pump.

Schwing America Inc.

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