Held each year at World of Concrete, the Most Innovative Product (MIP) Award Program showcases many of the new products exhibited at the show. The program allows attendees and readers of THE CONCRETE PRODUCER, MASONRY CONSTRUCTION, CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION, and CONCRETE & MASONRY CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTS magazines a chance to vote for the products they judge as most innovative. The magazines' editors review and select the products in terms of the innovation they bring to the industry.

This year's products were grouped into 11 categories. Below are the winning MIPs of most interest to concrete produces at this year's show. Information about the products in all categories is available at www.mip2010.com.


The Mobile Twin-Shaft Mixer allows a typical transit mix concrete batch plant or dry mix plant to produce high-quality concrete mixes, such as roller-compacted concrete (RCC), cement treated base (CTB), self-compacted concrete (SCC), zero slump, and others. The twin-shaft mixers are available in two different sizes and are driven by one or two electric motors. The gears are mounted directly onto the shafts, saving space. The robust mixing shafts are counter-rotating. Liebherr Concrete Technology Co. 757-928-8547. See product at www.liebherr.us


The Auto-Vac C-Series Water Recycling/Cement Fines Dewatering Filter dewaters cement fines and yields 1.00 specific gravity, nearly ASTM C-94 grade batch water. The product filters cement fines and color pigments, allowing a producer to recycle process water back into the batch without influencing set-times and finishing. It separates water from cement fines, generating 1/2 micron clean, colorless, recyclable water, and dry, manageable, and dewatered solids for easy transport or reuse. The filtered water is pumped into a nonpotable clean water tank for reuse. ALAR Recycling Systems. 708-479-6100. See product at www.alarcorp.com