The Concrete Producer and Concrete Construction magazines recently received a letter requesting information on aged concrete mixers from the Gorham Historical Society.

Universal concrete mixer by Equipment Corp of America
Universal concrete mixer by Equipment Corp of America

Seeing articles about old cement trucks on your website makes me think that you might enjoy a photo and some info about a 1920's era concrete mixer recently resurrected after 60 years of storage in a barn in Gorham, N.H.

Roger Cloutier got it limbered up and running! He had the Novo 4 HP(?) hit and mix engine going and the drum turning, while it was strapped on his trailer, pulled by an old John Deere tractor, on the 4th of July.

It was owned by the Libby Sawmill. Old timers remember using the beast, estimated to weigh around 2,800 pounds.

Reuben Rajala, President, Gorham (NH) Historical Society

If you know anyone who has information on these aged mixers, please let us know.