Producers can make the most of their time at World of Concrete by heading straight for the Producer Center, located in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. There, you will find more than 100 exhibitors with the latest equipment, tools, materials, and technologies specifically of interest to ready-mix and precast producers. A preview of some of these products and services follows.

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Durable, permeable paved surface

Drivable Grass consists of concrete muffins connected by a grid system. The tile-like 2x2-ft. squares flex and conform to uneven ground surfaces without separating, and allow space for vegetation, sand, gravel, or other infill. Even when saturated, Drivable Grass maintains the characteristics of a stable, grassy surface while minimizing wheel rutting and water runoff. Soil Retention. 800-346-7995.

WOC Booth #N1121

Jobsite batch plant

The Mobile 12 SE portable batch plant is now available with a 12-cu.-yd. accumulative style batcher, and a 66-ton, four-compartment aggregate bin with fold-up sides. The plant can be erected in 20 minutes without a crane; no concrete labs or steel plating is required. The cement section rises hydraulically to a 14-ft. charging height for loading front- or rear-discharge mixer trucks. RexCon LLC. 262-539-4050.

WOC Booth #N1037

Moisture/vapor protection

Viper VaporCheck II is a multi-layer, plastic extrusion made with prime virgin polyolefin resins that prevents moisture migration under concrete slabs. The blue 15-mil. product comes in 14x140-ft. rolls; the gray 10-mil. comes in 14x210-ft. rolls. Both exceed the strongest ASTM standards for plastic water vapor retarders used under concrete slabs (E 1745). Insulation Solutions Inc. 866-698-6562.

WOC Booth #N162

Central batch plant liner

The Super Hyde Liner provides longer life than traditional polyurethane weld-in-place central batch plant liners and requires up to 60% fewer weld plates. The liner resists hydrolysis which causes liners to peel off the weld plates in a drum.Tandem Products, Inc. 800-533-0509.

WOC Booth #N245

Plant reduces cement usage

The Universal Concrete Plant features continuous blending, which allows equal proportioning of one material into three bins instead of mass batching and dealing with segregation with each load. By reducing segregation by at least 33% and using precise water control, the plant helps producers use significantly less cement. Astec Inc. 800-235-5200.

WOC Booth #N727

Improve dispatch operations

Dispatch optimization products COMMANDoptimize and INTEGRAoptimize help improve service and truck use by determining the best way to schedule the day's deliveries and updating the dispatch plan according to changing conditions. Customize program settings to track specific measurements, such as cost per yard, driver hours, or gross margin. Command Alkon. 800-624-1872.

WOC Booth #N737

Measure aggregate moisture content

The Hydrotester II aggregate yield probe uses SONO/Sonar technology to accurately measure free and absorbed moisture content. A batch plant uses this information to ensure accurate yields and produce consistent concrete. SONO probes measure accurately, even with aggregates exposed to steam in winter and with different gradations of sand and gravel. Advanced Control Systems, control system div. of Advanced Concrete Technologies. 603-431-5661.

WOC Booth #N437

Super-sized reclaimer

The LRS 908 is one of the industry's largest concrete reclaimers. With a discharge height of 10 ½ ft., it allows producers to incorporate larger, more complex aggregate through optional shaker screens. Because of its length, the reclaimer can be placed below-grade for pump truck cleanout without the need for a transfer conveyor. It is designed to reclaim up to 29 cu. yds./hr. Lieberr Concrete Technology Co. 866-879-6312.

WOC Booth #N237

Reduce clogs in pervious concrete

PERC infiltration fabric is designed to make pervious concrete more effective by combining permeability with small pores that trap soil and reduce clogging. Made from 100% recycled soda bottles, the fabric is engineered to separate the pavement base and sub-base, providing structural support while allowing water to infiltrate freely. Fibermesh. 888-437-3423.

WOC Booth #N613