This month’s guest editorial comes from NRMCA’s Colin Lobo. Many of you are familiar with his accomplishments, but I have just had the privilege of being introduced via email.

I asked Lobo, “What are the primary goals that ready-mixed concrete producers are asked to achieve today with their mixes? How can they achieve these goals while still optimizing the use of available resources for improved profit and to increase the market share of concrete construction?”

In short, he says “a producer with a well-functioning and proactive quality management system is ahead of the game in responding to purchasers’ requirements for performance and sustainability in the mixtures it supplies to projects.”

To read the full editorial, visit the TCP site.

To stay on top of your game with the right equipment, resources, and information, take a look at this year’s Buyer’s Guide.  For years, the TCP Buyer’s Guide has been a reference for all of your purchasing needs. This year’s resource is more than just a listing of manufacture names; it provides you with the information you need to make valuable purchasing and business decisions.

We’ve made a few changes. We reorganized the categories, focusing on those that seem most relevant to producers. We’ve also identified TCP articles, and provided a roundup of products on the various topics. Last, but certainly not least, we wrap up with a list of industry associations to help you stay connected and informed.

Let us know what you think of the new TCP Buyer’s Guide, and what, if anything, you’d like to see different in 2016.