Concrete Construction Materials Winners

  • NewLook International Inc. EffLock Admixture

    EffLock admixture prevents and completely eliminates both primary and secondary efflorescence in concrete and masonry mixtures.

  • USG Corp. DUROCK EcoCap Self-Leveling Underlayment

    DUROCK EcoCap self-leveling underlayment is an innovative cementitious floor topping specifically engineered for application over concrete substrates. DUROCK EcoCap, with its breakthrough environmentally sustainable geopolymer binder technology, provides a fast-drying, smooth and monolithic surface...

  • Stego Industries Aridus Lightweight Rapid Drying Concrete

    Aridus Lightweight Rapid Drying Concrete is the first lightweight, ready-mix concrete solution for preventing moisture-related floor covering failures. Guaranteed to dry out in 90 days or less to a moisture level required by most flooring companies (<80% internal relative humidity per ASTM F2170)...

  • E-ZBar Rebar Spreader

    The E-ZBar is a revolutionary device that positions your wall steel to your job specific requirements. The purpose of the E-ZBar is to hold correct spacing between your wall matts and maintain minimum concrete coverage on each face of your wall.

  • Hengelhoef Concrete Joints Cosinus Slide joint

    The Cosinus Slide joint is an innovative expansion joint for industrial concrete floors. Thanks to the Sinus-Cosinus geometry of the joint and the concrete, the loads and wheels are sliding shock- and vibration free from one floor slab to another without using traditional dowel systems.

  • LTM Concrete Dually

    For years, rebar has been supported the same way. It’s time for a new position. LTM’s Dually offers a more versatile approach. This revolutionary support can hold a variety of rebar at seven different heights. It works in horizontal and vertical applications. It’s a “one-size-fits-all” tool for...

  • AVM Industries Sky Roof Coating 800

    AVM Sky Roof Coating 880 is a Zero VOC highly reflective two-component Polyurethane water-based roofing/waterproofing membrane with outstanding waterproofing characteristics & excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates.

  • Hilti HIT-Hy 200 Adhesive Anchor System

    Inadequately cleaning holes during installation can reduce the performance of conventional chemical anchor systems significantly.

  • CTS Cement Rapid Set Corrosion Inhibitor

    Rapid Set Corrosion Inhibitor is a corrosion inhibitor that provides low chloride ion penetration, water repellence, and corrosion resistance for metals embedded in a mortar or concrete, such as metal wire lath or rebar. It provides a protective coating over metal through the encapsulation of the...

  • Construction Midwest C.O.R.K. Concrete Opening Repair Kit

    The CORK (Concrete Opening Repair Kit) is a simple to use labor savings device used to form slab and wall penetrations, core drills, abandoned pipe chases and layout sleeves ranging from 2” to 12” and up to 16” deep.

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    Editors' Choice: Lythic Solutions, Inc. + Lythic Day-1

    Lythic Day-1 is a troweling aid and curing agent that extends finishing time and reduces surface drying without weakening the slab or adding excessive water.

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    Experts' Choice: LTM Concrete + Coil Protector

    The LTM Coil Protector is a coil protector that won't crack under pressure.

  • Industry Choice: Primekss + PrimeComposite Structural Slabs

    PrimeComposite Structural Slabs are placed with a new industrial concrete flooring technology.

  • Editors' Choice: Stego Industries + Aridus Rapid Drying Concrete

    Aridus Rapid Drying Concrete is a proprietary concrete mix that reduces the drying time and risks associated with excess moisture vapor in concrete slabs.


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