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    Monitor Material Moisture Levels

    The Hydro-View IV display unit for material sensors has an intuitive touchscreen that shows moisture and temperature values and trend graphs.

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    Detectable Warning Systems

    The manufacturer's detectable warning products are manufactured from a proprietary high-impact polymer engineered for superior impact-, slip-, and wear-resistance, and are UV-stabilized for durability.

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    Structural Concrete Reinforcement

    Replacing traditional rebar with Helix Micro-Rebar creates a one-piece composite concrete system that spreads reinforcement throughout the concrete.

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    Wet Cast Production Line

    Designed for the intermediate output producer, the Wet Cast production line is comprised of fully automated filling and demolding processes.

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    Plant-Based Release Agent

    BioSlick 2112C all-natural, biodegradable form release agent is odorless and gentle on skin.

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    Mobile Mixer for RCC Paving

    Convert any dry plant to a full premix operation with the high-efficiency twin-shaft Mobile Mixer, designed for roller-compacted concrete paving or jobs requiring low- to zero-slump concrete.

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    Engineered Concrete Spacers

    The MoClip Trio is a round spacer with three stabilizing feet that keep the spacer in place, even on round or uneven surfaces.

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    Emission-Compliant Equipment

    The company's material lift equipment with Tier 4i-compliant Cummins engines helps concrete producers meet tighter emissions standards.

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    Road Safety Barrier System

    The MASH TL3 is the newest product in the J-J Hooks barrier system, after successfully passing bolted-down and pinned-down MASH (Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware) Test Level 3 crash tests.

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    Lift Block Easily and Safely

    The Multilift allows machine operators to lift and set concrete block from the cab without a ground guide to hook up and release the attachment.

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    Admixture Improves Surface Appearance

    Perfin-305 prevents air bubbles from forming on the concrete surface, improving surface quality and finish.

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    Produce Complex Drainage Elements

    The company offers a full range of machines for manufacturing concrete pipes and elements for drainage and sewage systems.

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    Pump for Precasters

    Use the Upcrete UPP 100 pump to create high-quality, complex precast concrete elements.

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    Together Again

    On January 11 - 13, more than 3,300 concrete industry professionals attended The Precast Show and ICON Expo.

  • A Better Way

    Researcher seeks new avenue for precast concrete disposal.

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    Playing it Safe

    The American Concrete Pipe Association (ACPA) recognizes members who have exhibited exemplary safety performance.

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    Stay in Tune to Stay Ahead

    PCI invites producers to "Stay in Tune for Success" at the 58th annual Convention and National Bridge Conference to be held Sept. 29-Oct. 2 in Nashville, Tenn.

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    Luxury Precast

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    SURVEY SAYS: Concrete Comes out on Top

    Customers say concrete is durable, easy to design, and less flammable.

  • PCI Design Awards Marks 50 Years

    Annual design awards competition is now accepting entries of exceptional precast concrete projects


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