• The Davis Wade Stadium Expansion and Renovation

    The Davis Wade Stadium (DWS) expansion and renovation project was announced in the spring of 2012. It included expansion of the stadium north end zone, along with a new concession concourse below west side seating.

  • Illinois Tollway I-90 Westbound Mainline Paving Upgrades

    The Illinois Tollway is a revenue bond-financed administrative agency of the State of Illinois that is solely funded by user-fee and concession revenue.

  • SR 193, UPRR Overpass Retaining Wall

    SR 193 is a major east/west corridor in Northern Utah that connects Hill Air Force Base and the Freeport Center (Clearfield, Utah’s major industrial park) to Interstate 15.

  • Curb demolition on existing structure in Corredor Sur, exposing existing 15-year-old strip seal joints in preparation of bridge widening for the Tocumen Airports New Access.

    Panama Airport Expansion Project

    Airport project included expanding the passenger terminal by 224,200 square feet, and updating boarding bridges, escalators, baggage processing, and flight control systems.

  • Saved! At least through May 31, 2015

    The Highway Trust Fund is not going broke after all, thanks to a grudging, 11th-hour save by Congress. But pensions will be affected to make it happen.

  • Precision in Concrete Paving

    To ensure a high load-bearing capacity and long service life together with perfect surface evenness and skid resistance of the road surface in the expansion of a German motorway, the contractor elected to make use of the advantages of concrete surfacing.

  • Compact curb and gutter machine

    The high-speed, high-production compact 880 curb and gutter machine is available in rubber wheel or track configurations.

  • Puts down curbs quickly

    The MC 550 equipped with 8-in. augers is capable of putting down up to an 18-in. curb and gutter at 4 to 6 ft per minute.

  • Curb shaper

    Curbing equipment works without any special accommodations in the formwork. The wheel that rides the back of the curb side is ½ in. wide.

  • Slipform curber

    The Phoenix PCM-3300 can be set up in less than 30 minutes, place hundreds of feet of curb/gutter in a day, and be cleaned and loaded in less than an hour.

  • Multi-application slipform paver

    The Commander III’s design is all about vision, safety, and performance. An on-board camera monitors areas of the slipforming process and can be positioned anywhere around the paver.

  • Product Spotlight: Curb and Gutter Machines

    The 2014 Road Building issue of Concrete Construction featured curb and gutter machines

  • All-wheel drive machine

    The Curb Fox 5000 slipforms the full range of curb, curb and gutter, and sidewalk up to 6 ft wide. With all-wheel drive it goes anywhere the concrete mixer can go.

  • Testing Strategies for Pavement Mix Development

    Thermal profile testing can greatly reduce the time needed to optimize a mix.

  • All new OTIA III bridges in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area adhered to the I-84 Corridor Strategy design guidelines. To match their environment, the bridges either blend in with the dark, natural basalt found throughout the Pacific Northwest or reflect the lighter, dry landscape of the eastern Gorge, shown here at the Moffett Creek Bridge.

    Bridges of Distinction

    Decorative concrete bridges preserve communities’ cultural identities. Oregon has replaced 271 highway bridges since 2003.

  • WOC 2014

    50 Cool Things You Could Have Seen at the World of Concrete

    Flip through this slideshow to see 50 of our favorite things at World of Concrete.

  • Crews That Rock!

    World of Concrete award program honors hardworking crews in the construction industry.

  • Trowel Challenge Winner Crowned

    Wacker Neuson held its sixth annual Trowel challenge at the 2014 World of Concrete.

  • ACI Updates Image

    ACI's new logo and tagline reflect the 110-year-old organization's continuing evolution as a global authority.

  • Record Breaking Auction

    The CIM program raised more than $810,000 in gross revenue at its ninth annual auction.

  • Controlling dust at the source is the best way to protect employees from airborne crystalline silica dest. For example, Husqvarnas FS 6600 flat saw uses water to minimize dust.

    Silica Dust Proposal

    OSHA has proposed new more stringent permissible exposure limits for respirable silica dust on jobsites that the construction industry feels are overly stringent and unachievable.

  • Resilience in Residential Construction

    Hanley Wood research has shown that the vast majority of homes in the U.S. are built in areas that are classified as needing resilient construction. Concrete is the ideal material for that application.

  • The New ACI 318-14

    The new ACI 318 Building Code that will be released later in 2014 has been completely reorganized and should make construction requirements easier to follow.

  • Effectiveness of Liquid Densifiers

    Liquid hardeners/densifiers are commonly used on concrete floors to increase wear resistance, but how well do they actually perform? Two industry veterans argue on each side of the issue.

  • Creativity Runs Rampant in 2014 Artistry Demos

    10 concrete professionals show World of Concrete attendees how to add an artistic touch.

  • Turowski Pool Deck by Tom Ralston Concrete, Santa Cruz, Calif.

    2014 DCC Award Winners

    More than 40 projects receive high praise from the ASCC’s Decorative Concrete Council.

  • All Things Pervious

    Attendees of World of Concrete get hands-on experience with pervious concrete.

  • A Star Shines

    Winners of the 2014 Western Star Serious Trucks Challenge are announced.

  • Jason Knepp of Montgomery, Ind. was crowned a winner of operating a backhoe in the John Deere Operator Challenge.

    Operator Challenge

    Winners of the 2014 John Deere operator's challenge are announced.

  • Air Barrier Live!

    A review of one of World of Concrete's newest live events, Air Barrier Live.

  • Safety Matters

    The showcase was a hands-on education/demonstration area where attendees learned how to properly use personal fall protection equipment and review the three vital components that make up a complete fall protection system—anchorage, body support, and means of connection.

  • Supporting Education

    Oldcastle Architectural supports industry education for current and future attendees at WOC 2014 with $10,000 to Skills USA’s Masonry Committee.

  • Masonry Heats it Up

    MHA heats up World of Concrete with a display of wood-burning appliance construction.

  • RCC Live! Continues to Impress

    Three days of demonstrations showing attendees how RCC is a viable option for local streets and roads was well as industrial parking areas.

  • MCAAs Fastest Trowel on the Block grouped winners show off their prizes.

    Masonry Madness

    Four competitions, one day, one arena, and thousands of proud masons join to participate in Masonry Madness.

  • Concrete Polishing

    This year's Concrete Polishing Luncheon & Forum connected attendees with three speakers who shared tools, methods, and advice to help contractors better inspect jobsite conditions prior to polishing.

  • New Mississippi River Bridge

    The project cement-supplier, Holcim, discussed project challenges and successes.

  • Joint-Free Floor Slabs

    Joints in industrial floors are the single most common reason for failure. At the Concrete Slabs Luncheon at World of Concrete, we learned about a few approaches to building floors with much wider joint spacing.

  • Try Before You Buy

    Renting specialized equipment becomes the trend for complex road-building projects.

  • Concrete Pavement

    Historical facts about concrete pavement from the first street in the U.S. that was paved with concrete to the first concrete pavement in the world.

  • Rebuilt to Last

    Even after decades of use, the pavement was still in good enough condition to save, so UDOT elected to perform concrete pavement preservation (CPP).

  • Fixing the West Coast’s Busiest Bridge

    How San Francisco’s new Bay Bridge was repaired, with traffic flowing, after 32 anchor rods snapped.

  • RCC: Then and Now

    RCC materials, equipment, and construction techniques have changed little over the past 28 years, accoring to contractor Terry Peltz.

  • Concrete Pavement Preservation

    A Colorado county uses low-cost techniques to rehabilitate aging roads.

  • Concrete Industry Management (CIM) Program Holds Record Breaking Auction at World of Concrete

    The National Steering Committee (NSC) for the Concrete Industry Management (CIM) program raised more than $810,000 in gross revenue at its ninth annual auction, held in conjunction with the World of Concrete on Wednesday, Jan. 22.

  • DCC Project Award Winners

    The Decorative Concrete Council (S11610), a specialty council of the American Society of Concrete Contractors (C4513), announced the winners of its 6th Annual Decorative Concrete Awards competition. The winners were recognized at a ceremony at WOC on Wednesday, Jan. 22.

  • Cement Outlook: Congress is the Wild Card

    All the pieces are in place to trigger a multiyear increase in demand for portland cement.

  • ACI Updates Corporate Image

    The American Concrete Institute (ACI) (Booth S10339a) will unveil a new logo and tagline—‘Always advancing’ —that reflect the 110-year-old organization’s continuing evolution as a global authority on designing, building, maintaining, and repairing concrete structures.

  • WOC, Martinis, and Showgirls

    World of Concrete opened with style on Tuesday, with former Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman drinking a martini and flanked by showgirls in high heels and sequined dresses.

  • Industry’s Most Influential Recognized

    Concrete Construction and The Concrete Producer presented the Most Influential People of 2013 on Tuesday afternoon at the World of Concrete.

  • Women in the Concrete Industry

    Concrete Construction and The Concrete Producer magazines have been presented with an opportunity to help with a case study designed to gain a deeper understanding about the factors that contribute to and/or hinder women’s participation in the construction industry by examining women’s experiences...