• 2008 GreenSite Project of the Year

    An expanded look at Concrete Producer's High-Rise GreenSite Project of the Year

  • 2008 GreenSite Project of the Year

    An expanded look at Concrete Producer's Multifamily GreenSite Project of the Year

  • 2008 GreenSite Project of the Year

    An expanded look at Concrete Producer's Institutional GreenSite Project of the Year

  • 2008 GreenSite Project of the Year

    An expanded look at the Concrete Producer's Residential GreenSite Project of the Year

  • 2008 GreenSite Project of the Year

    An extended look at the Concrete Producer's Commercial GreenSite Project of the Year

  • Getting the Numbers Right

    A few days ago, there was a report in USA Today describing educators' concerns about the shortage of students currently studying civil engineering.

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    See a Greener Shade of Concrete at GREENSITE

    This new offering at the World of Concrete will feature dozens of exhibitors showcasing green building technologies and products, along with displays, presentations, and valuable information. Use our handy guide to check in on the

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    PCI Products Preview

    The PCI Show takes place this October 21-24 in Phoenix, Ariz. Use our Product Preview to check out some of the products and exhibitors that will be in attendance at the show.

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    Accounting for Progress

    When Ren Beck switched to sales and operations, she inherited a stand-alone plant that served only the Marietta area with about nine ready-mix trucks.

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    Putting Testing Technology to the Test

    Modern technology and automation have finally entered the concrete testing laboratory. Several technical committees have updated traditional standards to accommodate this new technology.

  • ...And an Eye on Storage Tanks

    It's more important than ever to track what's

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    Keeping an Eye on Fueling

    Since fuel is the single greatest expense of any fleet's operation, managers must have an effective and efficient tracking system to determine if their department is within budget.

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    The Future is Now

  • Wells Concrete Products Looks Ahead

    Wells Concrete Products, from its base in rural Wells, Minn., has grown to be a substantial prestressed and ready-mixed concrete producer.

  • Reaching Higher

    Producers who have developed a strategic plan are more successful than those without one.

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    Thin is in

    If producers can cast tees thinner, and thereby lighter, without losing any strength, architects can immediately see significant benefits.

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    Paving the Way

    Precast-prestressed concrete producers long ago proved our product as a method for providing durable high-performance structural elements for bridges and commercial buildings. In recent years, however, some of these producers have found a new market segment for their product: pavement construction.

  • Cast Away

    Why did I get such a striking view for four days from the window of a hospital?

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    The Looming Aggregate Crisis

    For years now, California and Florida have led the nation in growth, and there is no doubt that these two states will be among the growth leaders for decades to come. But a troubling trend that could impact residential, commercial, and public works projects in those states is the looming aggregates...

  • SCC Concrete Formwork Pressure Study; New Approved ASTM Standards

    A Progress Report and Task 1 Report for the Self-Consolidating Concrete Formwork Pressure Study are now available, and the latest on recently revised ASTM standards.

  • Retaining Wall Block Durability

    We have been trying to convince our local public works officials to specify segmental retaining wall (SRW) blocks on an upcoming project. We are located in the northern part of the United States. And the county's engineering staff is concerned that the SRW blocks will not be durable given our...

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    Forecast Calls For...

    To help the industry interpret the subtleties of economics, PCA for the first time presented Practical Application of PCA Economic Forecast and Market Assessments. The seminar helped producers decipher forecasts, understand what was behind the reports, and decide how to use the complex projections...

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    Placing Flowing Concrete

  • In The Mix

    Construction falls 14%; Florida Rock OKs sale; Boral Acquires Oklahoma Operation and more.

  • Our Obligation Starts Now

    While I'm not in a position to design, cast, or manage the construction of a new bridge, building, or even patio, I can highlight our industry's effort to help create a safer world.