• Time or Distance?

  • Tilt-Up Concrete Association Announces Theme of Annual Convention

    The Tilt-Up Concrete Association (TCA) has announced the theme and date for its fourth annual convention, to be held Oct. 1-4 in Phoenix, Ariz.

  • Smith-Midland Awarded Prestigious CUP Award for Slenderwall Project

    Officials at Smith-Midland® Corporation were the recipients of the prestigious CUP award for a building project completed in Rockville, Maryland.

  • Letter to the Editor

    Richard Szecsy, vice president, new product development/risk management, Lattimore Materials Co., McKinney, Texas responds to Allen Villere's "Science of Pricing Concrete" article from our December 2007 issue.

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    Sustainability Hits a Note

    At the Women in Concrete Luncheon and Forum at the World of Concrete in January, panelists and audience members discussed how building green is the future of concrete and the construction industry.

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    The Year of the Pickup Trucks

    To this writer's eyes, the biggest news to come out of this year's North American International Auto Show in Detroit was that two major light-duty truck manufacturers introduced new models.

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    Dirty Work

    Cleaning concrete from your equipment and vehicles is unpleasant work. Fortunately, there are a number of products, tools, and services designed to make that job easier, or take it off your to-do list completely. Following are some truck and drum cleaning products and services.

  • And What a Plant

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    The Ultimate Investment

    When it comes to what's happening on the topic of concrete pipe production, Ken Morrison is literally and figuratively right in the middle of things.

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    Conexpo-Con/Agg Returns

    Shortly after attending World of Concrete, many concrete producers and contractors from around the world are heading back to Las Vegas—this time, for the 2008 CONEXPO-CON/AGG international construction exposition. The show will be held March 11–15 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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    Give Your Plant a Boost

    Plants can be old or new, transit mix or central mix, large or small. But they all have one thing in common: How well they are managed has a significant effect on their overall efficiency.

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    Other Projects of a Lifetime

    More ground breaking projects around the country along with

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    Towering Achievement

    The 52-story Wachovia Corporate Center is the focal point of the new mixed-use Wachovia Cultural Campus, which will include a 42-story condominium tower, art museums, and 1200-seat performing arts theater. The two towers, along with a nine-story building annex, sit atop an eight-story parking...

  • Start Your Engines

    About 30 miles east of Nashville, Tenn., on a section of Interstate 840, lays one of the most interesting concrete marvels in the world: the Nashville Super Speedway.

  • The Looming Tax Dilemma

    Beyond the current slowdown, what I see on the government's fiscal horizon worries me mor

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    Decorative Slab Core Samples

    We are involved in a dispute on the quality of a decorative slab for which we supplied concrete last fall. The project appears to be fine, but one set of test cylinders failed to meet compressive strength requirements.

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    Leaving a Clean Footprint

    Truck wheel washing systems help producers clean up their act in more ways than one. As trucks come and go from plants and jobsites, these systems virtually eliminate the fine dust and aggregates that can quickly build up on roads.

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    Truck-Water Management

    While fuel costs are high, there's another commonly used liquid whose cost also is steep: water.

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    Topping out on Top

    As we prepared this issue of the magazine, I was surprised to discover how many large commercial construction projects were underway

  • Freedom Tower, New York City

    Fourteen thousand psi concrete is being used to build the core of the Freedom Tower, the first office building to be built on the former site of the World Trade Center.

  • Olivenhain Dam, San Diego

    The San Diego County Water Authority's Olivenhain Dam and Reservoir are the region's first new major dam and reservoir to be built in 50 years. If needed, the reservoir can provide enough water for 50,000 families for an entire year.