• Workability-retaining admixture

    RheoTEC Z-60 is designed to improve batch-to-batch consistency.

  • Reinforce concrete

    The Micro Rebar is a replacement for rebar or welded wire fabric in concrete construction.

  • Waterproof Barrier

    Krystol Internal Membrane (KIM) Waterproofing Concrete Admixture turns concrete mass into a waterproof barrier.

  • Bin level monitoring

    The SmartBob AO level sensor features an integrated 4-20 mA analog output to a PLC for monitoring bin level measurement data.

  • Lowboy trailers

    The Ultima Series lowboy trailer now includes a 55-ton capacity model.

  • Real-time communication

    This company’s TrimFleet solution allows TrimFleet users the ability to communicate with the right individuals or teams of workers in real time with a PTT device.

  • Fuel-efficient compressor

    The new versatile, fuel-efficient Mobilair M350 takes its place as the most powerful model in the manufacturer’s portable compressor line.

  • Integrated mobile app

    NexTraq Connect is a new fully integrated mobile app that allows users to record clock in/out and break times, communicate job status, view job locations and directions, assign drivers to vehicles, and track vehicle maintenance needs.

  • Double-beam mobile gantry crane

    The DB70 double-beam mobile gantry crane offers high-quality performance, efficiency, and an adaptable design.