• Foreign Development Should Go Both Ways

    Why shouldn't the U.S. be a cement exporter and thus a player in driving market forces, rather than importer subject to foreign whims?

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    No Turning Back

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    The Yarn of the Day

    WOC attendees spin tales of their own.

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    Introductions Abound

    Truck manufacturers show their newest wares at World of Concrete.

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    And the Winners Are...

    The envelopes have been opened and below are a sampling of the winners of the 2008 Most Innovative Products (MIP) contest. Exhibitors displayed the 145 entries at World of Concrete in January. Attendees and a panel of experts then voted on the ones they thought were the most innovative.

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    Going Once...

    The Concrete Industry Management (CIM) program raised $540,000 at its annual auction at World of Concrete.

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    Casting Characters

    This year, THE CONCRETE PRODUCER and CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION honored our Top Influencers at a World of Concrete reception with awards symbolizing the industry they so effectively promote.

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    On Tour: Hoover Dam

    More than 300 people had exclusive access to the site during tours for pros during the 2008 World of Concrete.

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    2008's Rough Road

    Economic Summit spearkers at THE CONCRETE PRODUCER's Economic Summit Luncheon at World of Concrete 2008 see a brighter long-term picture.

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    Making Their Points

    Contestants at the World of Concrete Producer's Challenge received prizes for accuracy.

  • The Green Scene

    This special area educated attendees on many sustainability issues.

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    Industry Shows its True Colors

    The 2008 World of Concrete was an opportunity for self-assessment.

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    A Tale of Two Families

    Although we are familiar with “mom and pop” businesses, family-owned concrete producers each have unique situations that contribute to their success. This is the story of two such families, and their secrets to success.

  • So You've Built it... Now What?

    Have you thought about the future of your family business?

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    Putting Words into Action

    If the concrete industry's sustainability efforts were represented in color, the palette would range from sage to forest green. Most of us seem to be in the same spectrum, but as a group, we tend to get caught up in disagreements over our own favorite hues. The Strategic Development Council (SDC)...

  • Fertile Ground

    Our industry needs to develop a plan to outline a successful approach to green concrete construction on which everyone can agree.