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    Lifting Safety to a New Level

    Most producers think their involvement in crane operator training refers to large gantry cranes or mobile pickers used for plant repairs.

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    Fuel Saving Strategies

    Experts agree: Good driving habits save the most fuel.

  • A Better Way

    Researcher seeks new avenue for precast concrete disposal.

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    RCC Mixer

    The RCC portable mixer started with the MAO-6000 (5-yd.) twin-shaft mixer has evolved into multiple trailers with a MAO-7500 (6-yd.), MAO-9000 (8-yd.), and MAO-12000 (10-yd.) twin-shaft mixers.

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    Scales for Indoor/Outdoor Weighing

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    Concrete Cooling

    Cool your concrete by cooling your cement. The manufacturer's process uses chilled air to cool the cement in standard pigs or silos.

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    Bin Level Indicator

    The Model RH economical rotary paddle bin level indicator incorporates locally visible high-intensity LED indication as a standard feature.

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    Reduce Delivery Costs

    Dispatch Optimization allows ready-mix producers to optimize all of their dispatch resources.

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    Capture Nuisance Dust

    The automated C&C dust collect and convey system captures nuisance dust from silo filling operations and automatically sends it back to the source silo.

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    Paperless Ticketing

    iSTRADA Paperless Ticketing eliminates collecting, scanning, indexing, and filing paper tickets.

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    User-Friendly Volumetric Mixer

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    Superior Mixing Quality

    The Mobile Twin Shaft (MTS) Mixer combines the simplicity of dry-batch plants with the superior mixing quality of a twin-shaft mixer.

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    Mobile Hollowcore Plant

    The Weiler mobile hollow core plant increases flexibility in order taking on major projects.

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    Mixer for Many Applications

    The manufacturer offers five base concrete mixer models from which to choose, with up to 12 yards of capacity and production rates up to 75 yards/hr.

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    Mobile Plant for Remote Jobsites

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    Pervious Concrete Fibers

    The Ferro-Green blend of fibers for pervious concrete consists of 100% recycled polypropylene fibrillated (network) fibers and a twisted-bundle macro-monofilament fiber.

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    Hybrid Water Heaters

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    Easy-to-Use Wash System

    This lightweight aluminum chute wash system separates coarse material from slurry wastes and returns the waste to the drum using a simple displacement principle.

  • Producer Center Products

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    World of Concrete—World of Opportunity

    Where else can you find more than 50,000 fellow concrete construction professionals and more than 1200 exhibiting companies than World of Concrete.

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    Slugging It Out

    Ready-mix production could top 300 million yards in 2012.

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    Concrete as a Value Proposition

    The MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub takes to the streets.

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    Taking Orders

    Jim Wagner wrote the book on ready-mix dispatch.

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    Check It Out

    All of these industries have or will have check-off programs, if Major Ogilvie has anything to do with it.

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    Shoulder to the Wheel

    Leaders have no choice but to reach agreement on the Fiscal Cliff.

  • When in Vegas

    World of Concrete from Feb. 4-8 is a showcase of green products and services for the industry. But venture outside the Las Vegas Convention Center, and you will find some of the country's most interesting sustainable construction projects only minutes away.

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    It's About Time

    We are constantly battling time constrains on ready-mix deliveries and need help extending the time limits on some projects. We can maintain slump with water reducers easily beyond the 60 or 90 minutes allowed in the specifications. What advice can you offer?

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    Changing Times

    The industry should be thankful it has changed with the times, just like our Influencers.

  • How to Manage Risk

    In his NRMCA Industry Data Survey presentation at the association's ConcreteWorks conference in National Harbor, Md., in September, Pierre Villere, president and managing partner at Allen-Villere Partners, gave advice to producers on how to manage risk in the future.

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    Producer Warms to Solution for Dry Compressed Air

    The winter season and its frigid temperatures pose unique challenges to concrete producers. Ozinga Brothers, a ready-mixed concrete producer whose operations extend throughout Chicago, Northeast Illinois, Northwest Indiana, and Michigan, is not an exception.

  • SMART Customer Goals

    Now is the perfect time to look back to evaluate and peer forward to plan for the next year. The ready-mix industry is steeped in best practices and measuring efficiencies related to operations.

  • Distinguish your Brand with Customer Service

    Have you ever considered that you appear to be exactly like your competitors? They hire the same kind of people. They teach them the same things. They deliver the same product. Most customers would be unable to articulate how your company is different, besides the signs in front of your office and...

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    Fabric storage structures

    Hercules Truss Arch Buildings provide energy-efficient structures for warehousing, equipment, and bulk material storage.

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    Versatile washout container

    The EWOC concrete washout container cleans truck chutes, power buggies, mortar mixers, screeds, and hand tools, and can recycle concrete washout water.

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    Biodegradable aluminum brightener

    Safe-Bright deoxidizes and brightens aluminum surfaces without harmful fumes or vapors.

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    Mobile air compressor

    The UNDERHOOD70-G Air Compressor improves fuel economy, decreases engine operating hours, lowers emissions, reduces noise, and cuts lifecycle costs.

  • Are Producers Ready for Carbon Trading?

    Back in the mid-1980s, a cartoon depicted a sodden and visibly degenerating group of Canadians peering forlornly south of the border as rain fell-acid rain as it turned out spiced by the sulfurous output from a hundred coal-burning power plants in the Northeast U.S.

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    Rings of Life

    The concrete industry needs a few more friends in the aqua-agricultural business like Tyler Ortego, who has created a proprietary mix design for a special concrete element.

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    Keeping Your Cool

    Your trucks' engines may welcome waterless coolant.

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    Sustainable Construction Analysis

    Green Sense Concrete mixture proportioning service improves concrete performance while minimizing its environmental impact.

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    Extend Drum Life, Save Fuel

    Smart Drum-equipped truck mixers increase drum life up to 80% by optimizing drum speed without driver involvement. 

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    Boost ICF Efficiency

    Boost-R Panels can increase R-values in the company's insulating concrete form walls to R-30, and beyond R-55 in specialty applications.

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    Insulated Wall Panels

    CarbonCast Insulated Architectural Cladding is a lightweight, insulated precast wall panel for horizontal or vertical use as a non-load-bearing spandrel or column cover. 

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    Low-Carbon Cement

    Rapid Set cement products are durable and can achieve 3000 psi strength in one hour.

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    Hybrid Water Heater

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    Sort Recyclables

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    Sustainable Waterproofing Mix

    Krystol Internal Membrane (KIM) concrete waterproofing admixture is an environmentally friendly alternative for creating waterproof concrete.

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    Volumetric Concrete Mixers

    The Zim-Mixer features a dual-chain material feed system that offers low maintenance costs and can run materials independently, eliminating material waste.

  • Sustainable Products & Services

    With green building codes and measurements becoming more mainstream, sustainability has become more than a buzzword in the concrete industry.

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    Playing it Safe

    The American Concrete Pipe Association (ACPA) recognizes members who have exhibited exemplary safety performance.

  • Competing for the Green

    In the world of green there are two ways to evaluate the release of carbon compounds into the atmosphere: “embodied carbon,” which defines carbon releases along the complete material supply-chain, and “emissions,” which quantifies the amount of carbon released during the lifetime of a structure.

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    Bubble Trouble

    Everyone in the concrete industry has received the dreaded call about low strength on a job. Typically, high water content, high air content, or low standards from the testing company is the primary cause of the problem.

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    Green Star

    Extra sustainability effort “benefits all,” says manager.

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    Our Startling Federal Budget

    Infrastructure spending helps the nation, the middle class, and the construction industry.

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    Future Cement

    The need to reduce CO2 emissions has led to the development of many new cementitious materials—a trend that will likely continue for the foreseeable future. But the powerful international portland cement business hasn't given up yet.

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    Your Concrete's Air Content

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    2 Billion Square Feet and Counting

    There has been some discussion lately about whether the sustainability movement has lost steam. When we asked this question on our website last year, 57 percent of you said it was losing momentum, 24 percent said it was gaining momentum, and 19 percent said it had hit a plateau.

  • To Hunt or to Keep: That is the Question

    Customer acquisition is sexy. There is something about the hunt that gets people excited. It's kind of like dating-lots of attention, communication and messages of appreciation. Then when acquisition occurs details are forgotten, communication lags, and words of fondness are articulated less often.

  • January: Quick Poll

  • The Most Important Decision Producers Make

    Give up right now on the chance of ever delivering a consistently excellent customer experience, if you are unwilling to hire differently.

  • Preparing for the Health Care Law

    This summer, the U.S. Supreme Court let stand the vast majority of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the nation's new health care law.

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    TCP SURVEY: A New Wind Blows

    Producers see business improving, but not fast enough. Pricing on the rebound.

  • Can-do Canoes

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    Online Standards Training

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    Tying One On

    Transporting a precast element securely and safely requires skill and knowledge.

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    Material Handling Equipment

    Temperatures have not been the only thing on the rise this summer. Construction activity is also trending upward.

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    Stay in Tune to Stay Ahead

    PCI invites producers to "Stay in Tune for Success" at the 58th annual Convention and National Bridge Conference to be held Sept. 29-Oct. 2 in Nashville, Tenn.

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    Luxury Precast

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    On the Upswing

    I have spent the last couple of columns talking about the mistakes we made in the last boom, and how to avoid them as we stand on the edge of the recovery. But while we weren’t looking the last several weeks, the housing market has apparently had an upswing, and is showing signs of recovery...

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    Future Cement

    THE NEED TO reduce CO2 emissions has led to the development of many new cementitious materials—a trend that will likely continue for the foreseeable future. But the powerful international portland cement business hasn't given up yet.

  • Out of Plumb Precast Panels

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    Bamboo we are Not

    WHEN WE DECIDED to tweak TCP's annual survey project several months ago, we hoped to take some focus off of the revenue figures and put it on other issues that are important to producers. I can safely say that we accomplished that in spades. Out is the TCP100, and in is the TCP Survey.

  • August: Quick Poll

  • From Mediocre to Magical: Part 2

    Did you do your homework? If so, every area of your company has a list of touch-points they own. Now let's talk about what to do with them.

  • Concrete Industry Associations Partner to Form Certification Consortium

    In an effort to increase the awareness of certification opportunities for concrete professionals, while promoting the advantages of such programs, nine concrete associations have joined forces to form the Concrete Industry Certification Consortium (CICC).

  • Congressional transportation bill passes without coal ash provision

    The long-disputed federal transportation bill has finally been passed by both houses of Congress and signed by the President, after compromise from both sides of the aisle.

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    July New Products

    Additive takes the weight off, Store multiple calibrations, Rapid loading from the batch plant, App on iTunes, Protect conveyor bearings during operation.

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    "Crews That Rock" Competition to Honor Industry Members at World Of Concrete 2013

    Concrete construction and masonry crew members won't have to wait long for bragging rights when it comes their outstanding projects from this year.

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    Concrete in Mongolia - Big Changes

    I began to think this trip would be unsuccessful. The start of a Mongolian Concrete Conference and an ACI chapter appeared to be premature and the people unable to make basic advancements in the concrete industry due to the remoteness of the country.

  • Plant Tours, PII Demos Drive Home Best Practices

    As post installation inspection of underground storm systems becomes accepted practice in municipalities across the nation, the American Concrete Pipe Association has stepped up its efforts to provide hands-on experience and tools to contractors, consulting engineers and Department of...

  • Cemex Completes Global Integration of New Business Platform

    CEMEX announced today its successful global integration of the most advanced enterprise platform based on SAP.

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    Cemstone Facility Recognized for Environmental Excellence

    Cemstone, an Upper Midwest leader in ready-mix, engineered and decorative concrete has earned Green-Star Certification by the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) for its batch plant facility in Northfield, Minn. It is one of only 13 plants in Minnesota to receive such certification.

  • July: Quick Poll

  • From Mediocre to Magical

  • An Update on Housing

    The recovery will occur state by state, town by town, and neighborhood by neighborhood.

  • Five Steps to Complaint Handling Success

  • Quick Poll

  • May Quick Poll

  • If the Shoe Fits...

    Providing an upgraded experience through knowledge is the point at which the experience transitions from generic to specific—and that's when customers will refer you.

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    Precast Show/ICON Expo Products

    Review products from exhibitors who will be at The Precast Show and ICON Expo.

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    The Future of Concrete is Here

    Superplasticizers are not just water reducers anymore.

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    The Evolving World of Green Concrete

    Green products and technologies create a buzz at concrete's big event.

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    Quality's Costs

    Q: I'm a quality control manager for a mid-size ready-mix producer and am dealing with several quality issues which need resolution. I am having difficulties convincing the owner that he needs to increase funding for the quality system in order to produce more consistent concrete. How can I...

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    Addressing ASR Together

    The concrete industry needs a few good knights right now. Our product's position as the world's most durable building material is at risk.

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    When Rubber Hits the Road

    A tire management system helps control producer's costs.

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    The Emperor's New Clothes

    Here are three lessons the recession has taught us.

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    SURVEY SAYS: Concrete Comes out on Top

    Customers say concrete is durable, easy to design, and less flammable.

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    That's the Spirit

    Famous distillery chooses roller-compacted concrete over asphalt.

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    Aggregate Moisture in SCC

    TCP has published an excerpt from the book, Self-Consolidating Concrete: Applying what we Know, by Joseph Daczko, published by CRC Press, 2012. This portion examines the importance of controlling moisture in the aggregate that will be used for producing self-consolidating concrete.

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    2012 World of Concrete

    Optimism Returns to the Big Show.