• HeidelbergCement and Hanson Come to Agreement

    Germany's HeidelbergCement will acquire Hanson PLC of Great Britain for $15.8 billion both companies announced.

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    Formwork Rust: Reasons and Prevention

    There are several reasons for metal corrosion and the results can take many forms: contact corrosion, crack corrosion, inter-crystalline corrosion, and pitting.

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    Eat Your Vegetables, Or Else

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    The Strongest Team

    In business, just like in sports, the strongest team wins. Most people in the concrete industry recognize this and would agree that "our people areour most important asset." Greater demands continue to be placed on personnel due to growth, more complex business environments, and the need to...

  • New ASTM Work Items

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    Name Recognition

    It doesn't take an impressive title to prove you are good at what you do. A title describes what you do. Beyond that, it's up to you to live up to your title and to prove that you've earned it.

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    Trucks on Parade

    At most Work Truck Shows presented by the National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA), new truck chassis and bodies take center stage. At this year's show, held in March Indianapolis, the new models of trucks took second billing to the emergence of hybrid truck technology.

  • Specialized Handling

    Producers are trapped. QC departments are increasingly creating special mix designs calling for exotic supplementary bulk materials, such as cements and pigments. Unfortunately, these high-profile jobs are often not large enough to justify a major plant expansion to handle these additional...

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    In the last decade, there's been a new trend in prison management. What was once purely a government process, is slowly being turned over to the private sector. One main reason for this switch has been the efficiency with which many prison management companies can build new facilities.

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    Splice of Life

    Effective conveyor maintenance for producers has two key goals, both with bottom line consequences. The first is to prevent surprise belt failures. The second is to minimize repair downtime. While all aspects of conveyor system maintenance are important, belt splicing is among the most critical...

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    Site Batching of Concrete

    Not all parts of the world have the luxury of relying on consultants to prepare organization plans to create a more efficient organization. In some parts of the world, just batching concrete is painstaking.

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    A Look at Tech

    In March, two information technology providers in our industry, Command Alkon and Systech, held their annual Customer Conferences. Pierre Villere spent some quiet time with a few of the senior executives at the two companies and heard their thoughts on the future direction of technology in our...

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    Strength Testing Woes

    Concrete strength testing is a much larger problem for ready-mix producers than many in the industry realize.

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    It's no Steal

    The U.S. steel industry had a good year in 2006, at least until the fourth quarter. Prices rose steadily through the spring and summer, then spiked in the fall.

  • Mining Aggregate From Landfills

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    Green to the Core

    It's one thing to talk about sustainability and green building; it's something else to actually do something about it, and that's where Holcim is stepping up.

  • In The Mix

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    Knowledge Transfer

    Our industry is having its second version of what is quickly becoming the graduate school of concrete higher learning: the 2007 Concrete Technology Forum.