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Nanotechnology Innovations Could Mean Stronger Concrete

Researchers at Purdue University in Indiana, and in the UK, are exploring new findings at the molecular level that could lead to both self-healing and more durable concrete. More

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Winner: Pena Boulevard, Denver

A high level of collaboration and expertise was critical for the Pena Boulevard... More

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2015 Concrete Sustainability Conference

NRMCA is seeking proposals for presentations at the 2015 International Concrete Sustainability Conference. The 10th annual conference will provide learning opportunities on the latest advances, technical knowledge, continuing research, tools and solutions for sustainable concrete design, manufacturing, and construction. More

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Big Changes Ahead in LEED v4 Material Credits

With the new version of LEED, former metrics play a lesser role. New measures such... More

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TCP's 2010 Influencers: Heavenly Research

We honor three men who are dedicated to promoting concrete's best qualities: Godwin Amekuedi, champion of P2P and concrete's sustainability, Canan D'Avela and David Goodyear. More

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Concrete Science

In tough times, the industry puts its money on green research. More

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TCP's 2009 Greensite Awards

For the second year, THE CONCRETE PRODUCER joins its sister publication, CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION, in presenting the GreenSite Awards to honor the concrete industry's involvement in sustainable construction. While the influence of producers and contractors may go unrecognized once a school opens or tenants move into their condominiums, concrete professionals are contributing more than ever to innovative uses of sustainable products and practices. More

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Online Source for Pros on How to Build Green in the Real World More

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Defining Transportation Unit

How long must concrete be protected from freezing temperatures, with and without accelerators or admixtures? ASTM’s ready-mixed concrete specification says, “air content of air-entrained concrete when sampled from the transportation unit at the point of discharge” is to be within 1.5% of the specified value. What does the “transportation unit” mean? Is ASTM referring to the mixer truck, end of pump line, conveyor, etc. as the transportation unit? More