Concrete Setting

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Keeping an Eye Out

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Info Overload

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A Second Set of Eyes

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Non-Uniform Setting Times

What can cause an occasional load of concrete to exhibit a retarded set? We may batch out three loads of concrete with good setting times, then have a load that's severely retarded, and go the rest of the day without any other bad loads. The next day, the same thing may happen or a few days may go by without any retardation problems. When the one problem does occur, we can't figure out what's causing that one bad load. We've checked setting time for the cement, and it doesn't seem to be the problem. Some of the retarded concrete loads contained water-reducing admixtures, but we don't think it's a cement-admixture incompatibility problem because we've also experienced it when no admixtures were used. We do use fly ash in our concrete. Any ideas on what's causing the problem? More