Curing Blankets

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World of Concrete's Best & Brightest

The votes are in and counted. We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2007 Most Innovative Products contest. Held each year at the World of Concrete, the contest showcased just a fraction of the new products that appeared at the show held last January at the Las Vegas Convention Center. In all, 137 entries competed in 14 different categories, and awards were given in each category for Attendees' Choice and Experts' Choice. In one case, Cementec won both awards in the Concrete Making Materials category. In Placement Tools & Equipment, two companies, Somero Enterprises and Lura Enterprise, both were awarded Experts' Choice Awards. More

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Black or Clear Plastic for Cover?

I have a choice to carry either clear or black plastic for flatwork curing. Which should I use and why? More

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What Is Retarder Paper?

What is retarder paper, and how is it used? More

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Match cast curing problems

We have just begun production on a precast bridge deck that calls for production of thousands of match cast deck segments sized approximately 3.5x7x2 meters. Our operation uses the freshly cast segment as a forming unit. We plan to accelerate the cure for the first two hours of the 12-hour curing process. Thus each segment would undergo curing twice, once as a fresh cast, then as a match piece. Does reheating precast segmental units cause any harmful effects on durability or other concrete properties? More

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Preventing popout problems

We get a lot of popouts in exposed concrete. The expansive materials are shale particles found in the sand. Even though the shale particles may be no larger than 1/8-inch in diameter, a conical fracture shape makes the popouts more noticeable. Can this problem be avoided? More