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Panama Airport Expansion

Airport project included expanding the passenger terminal by 224,200 square feet,... More

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Discussing Joint-Free Floor Slabs at World of Concrete

Joints in industrial floors are the single most common reason for failure. At the... More

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Roller-Compacted Concrete: Then and Now

RCC materials, equipment, and construction techniques have changed little over the... More

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Concrete Pavement Preservation

A Colorado county uses low-cost techniques to rehabilitate aging roads. More

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Algae in Mix Water Can Affect Air, Strength

We recently supplied a house slab where the bleedwater had a greenish tint. We discovered that the water retention pond we used for water collection had green algae that had formed on the surface and was used for concrete production. The concrete met and gained strength normally, however. Is there anything we should be concerned about? More

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Cures for paver efflorescence

We manufacture concrete pavers and are experiencing a severe efflorescence problem. Can we reduce efflorescence by using admixtures such as plasticizers or pozzolans? Or should we use silicone-type water repellents or film-forming sealers on the finished product? More