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The ASTM International Directory of Equipment Manufacturers is an online full-text search for equipment and locations of manufacturers by name, type of equipment manufactured, and specific ASTM standard designations. These equipment manufacturers have provided information on the types of equipment, specific tests performed by such equipment, materials analyzed, or ASTM standards met.

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Hydraulic power unit for concrete testing

Admet's MegaForce II power unit precisely controls the rate of loading of concrete testing machines and conforms to ASTM specifications for concrete cylinders (ASTM C39) and cement cubes (ASTM C109), as well as cold crush (ASTM C133) and concrete beam flexural strength (ASTM C78) testing. It operates to 10,000 psi and is available for new machines and retrofits. Admet Inc. 800-667-3220.

Non-destructive testing tool

The Portable Impact Echo System detects delamination, honeycombing, and voids in concrete, masonry, and grout. The hand-held tool features a piezo-electric crystal specially designed for this application. It also features an extended range, working in sections up to 20 feet thick. Qualitest Inc. 877-884-8378.

Load cell system

The Morehouse direct-reading load cell system features custom software that enables true, direct readings, which eliminate the need for load tables. It comes with Morehouse load cells (from 300 to 1 million LBF with uncertainties as low as .005% of full scale), a Morehouse 4215 indicator, and a laptop computer. Morehouse Instrument Co. 866-843-0081.

Air void analyzer

The AVA-2000 air void analyzer measures concrete's air void structure—an indication of its ability to resist freeze/thaw cycles—while the concrete is still plastic. The testing takes 25 minutes or less. The system comes with everything but a computer to process the measurement data. Germann Instruments. 847-329-9999.

Portable compression strength tester

The Digi-Schmidt 2000 concrete test hammer is a non-destructive method for measuring concrete compressive strength. The sensor accurately and precisely measures the rebound from a test impact, and can compensate for carbonation in the concrete. The unit, available in two versions with different preset impact energy levels, includes an LCD display, associated software, and cables. Proceq USA Inc. 800-839-7016.

Eliminate color matching problems

The VeriColor Spectro enables color control in real time to contain and eliminate color problems without disrupting production. Its 31-band spectrophotometer provides absolute color data across the visible spectrum, even in the presence of depth variation and dramatic changes in ambient light. X-Rite Inc. 800-248-9748.

Digital test hammer

The W-D-2000 digital test hammer is an advanced, automated system for estimating concrete compressive strengths quickly, easily, and accurately. It comes with an integrated alphanumeric display, printer, and software, and is Windows compatible. James Instruments. 800-426-6500.

Cylinder rack

The T-Rack-6 holds up to eight 6-inch concrete test cylinders and meets ASTM C31. Made from lightweight, durable, waterproof material, it features anchor holes to secure it during transport. A winter curing bag is available. Deslauriers Inc. 800-743-4106.

Multi-purpose gauge

The Elcometer 3312 Covermeter with Half-Cell identifies the location, orientation, depth, and diameter of rebar, as well as potential corrosion, in one gauge. Gauges store up to 240,000 readings across 1000 batches of cover and Half-Cell measurements on the same gauge. Other features include a backlit graphic display and fully interchangeable search heads. Elcometer Inc. 800-521-0635. .

Process water monitor

The Model 5000S pH Control & Monitoring System offers precise monitoring and control of the pH and total suspended solids of both process water and stormwater runoff. Certified by an independent engineering firm, it treats up to 100,000 gallons per day. Use the treated water to batch concrete, irrigate rock, and rinse the interiors of the drums and the exteriors of the trucks. Fortrans Inc. 877-387-8509.