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  • Getting the Numbers Right

    A few days ago, there was a report in USA Today describing educators' concerns about the shortage of students currently studying civil engineering.

  • Does PCA Invest Enough in our Industry?

    There seems to be consensus about the need for the PCA to do more to support the industry, but when it comes to suggestions, the answers are as varied as our readership.

  • Drawing a New Map

    While the current residential construction data is disappointing, it's important for producers to remember the current lower housing sales is a only cyclical setback.

  • Sustainable Construction Resources

    A companion to our September 'Material Issues' featuring essential readining and resources for sustainable construction.

  • Baseball, Apple Pie, and Hybrids?

    It's about time society caught up to us concrete folks. We've been touting green and sustainability for years, often to half-filled rooms of fellow believers.

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    Dispatch from World of Concrete Mexico 2008

    WOC-Mexico, now in its third year, is establishing itself as the place for concrete professionals to meet in Latin America.


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