World of Concrete 2016

Exhibits: February 2-5, 2016 | Seminars: February 1-5, 2016 Las Vegas Convention Center | Las Vegas, Nevada USA

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WOC News


Events & Luncheons

  • Constructing Innovative Steel-Fiber Concrete Floors Breakfast and Forum

    Learn from the experts how steel-fiber reinforced concrete floors are being used to solve difficult floor problems, such as in pile-supported industrial floors, extended-joint steel-fiber reinforced structural floors placed onto a combination of piles and a compacted base course.

  • How to Calibrate a Volumetric Mixer

    This workshop includes: a four hour classroom lecture on how to properly conduct a calibration on volumetric mixers as outlined in the Standard Specification for Concrete Made by Volumetric Batching and Continuous Mixing ASTM Document C685; a written test based on the classwork; and a one-hour...

  • Equipment Fleets Luncheon & Forum

    Presented by Concrete Construction magazine, the Equipment Fleets Luncheon and Forum will debut at this year’s World of Concrete.


WOC Video

  • Precast Operations Showcase

    This video features the ins and outs of the precast concrete demonstrations from the 2016 World of Concrete.

  • WOC 2016: Pervious Live!

    Dennis Lura of Lura Enterprises and Mark Rinehart of Cemen Tech describe the current trends with pervious concrete in this video.

  • Western Star Trucks Get Tough Challenge

    Western Star Trucks offer an almost in-field test drive of their vehicles in their 6th annual Western Star Get Tough Challenge, where...


WOC In-Depth

  • World of Concrete Precast Operations Showcase

    The Precast Operations Showcase at World of Concrete demonstrated wetcast production from all angles: form preparation, reinforcement...

  • Pervious in Paradise

    Stop by the Gold Lot to check out Pervious in Paradise, where attendees, sponsoring exhibitors, and researchers will have an opportunity to...

  • Tornado Safe Room Showcase

    In this live, interactive work zone, experts from the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) and supporting associations will...


World of Concrete Products

  • Heating and Mixing System

    Melt ice, heat your aggregates, cool your concrete, and cure your product, all from one nonboiler thermal energy system.

  • Concrete Batch Plant

    Flexible design allows for adding a portable or totally self-erecting central batch mixer to meet the control and production needs of the...

  • High-performance Mixers

    Mixers feature the HP drum with a high-capacity mixing bowl section, ball buster paddle system, and a straight discharge cone taper for...

  • Microrebar Reinforcement

    Use Micro-rebar as primary steel reinforcement for structural concrete; it can replace rebar in any concrete application.

  • Magnets for Precast Concrete

    Use the MagFly AP magnet for production of precast concrete elements.


Most Innovative Products

Check out the nominees for the 2016 Most Innovative Products Awards!